Introverts! Are We All the Same?!

Introverts – we’re a lot more complex than we may seem at first.

This past summer, I finished Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. Cain is easily one of the most widely-known and well-respected experts on introverts. And she’s doing a great job telling the world why introverts are valuable just the way they are.

While I enjoyed most of her book, I did leave with one impression that got me thinking. In her effort to explain introvert strengths, I felt as though she’d described all introverts as a melting pot of various strengths and skills. As a result, I came away from the book thinking, Introverts are creative, analytical, detail-oriented, organized, big-picture thinkers.

In Cain’s defense, that was just the impression that I left with. On the whole, her book did a masterful job addressing and championing the topic of introversion. It’s still doing big things for the cause of introverts. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but want to set the record straight – at least in my own mind.

So what traits really do set introverts apart? Let’s a take a look.

Each and every introvert is unique. What do Myers-Briggs preferences have to do with this reality? Read on to learn how to differentiate between introverts.

9 Things to Love About ISTJs

What really sets an ISTJ apart?

If you’re lucky enough to have an ISTJ as a friend, family member, or coworker, you know first-hand what makes these special individuals so likable. And chances are good you do know an ISTJ considering 16 percent of men and 7 percent of women fit this personality type.

I can personally testify that my life would be sadder without these steady, dependable companions. My wife, dad, and several of my close friends are all ISTJs.

I’m dedicating this post to all there is to love about ISTJs!

What makes an ISTJ awesome? There's a lot to love about the ISTJ personality type. Check out 9 Things that Make ISTJs charming!

13 Reasons Why an Introvert Marriage Is a Blast!

Before my wife and I married, the pastor conducting our premarital counseling cautioned us: “You’re going to have to work hard at getting out and staying involved in community because you’re both introverts.”

Boy, was he right! Neither of us is a naturally outgoing person. So we really have to force ourselves out of the house, lest we wind up a pair recluses, forever chained to the living room.

But there’s also a lot to love about an introvert marriage that I never realized before I got hitched. I was mulling this over last night and couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Feast your eyes on 13 reasons why an introvert marriage is a blast!

There's a lot to love about an introvert marriage, despite what some people say. Check out 13 reasons why an introvert marriage is a blast!

73 Things I Wish You Knew About Me as an INFJ

If you’re an INFJ, you probably know what it’s like to feel misunderstood. We INFJs make up just 1-2% of the population after all.

When I discovered that my Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ, things that never made sense before started to click. I finally understood why I think so differently than other people and that there’s nothing wrong with me. (These are two of the great benefits of understanding your personality type.)

Because I’m an INFJ and INFJs are so rare, there are a number of things people don’t know about me that I wish they did. So I’ve decided to share a few of those particulars in this post.

These 73 thoughts and observations are in random order. Furthermore, while many of these traits and characteristics are true of most INFJs, please keep in mind that some are unique to me.

As an INFJ, I wish people understood me better. Only 1-2 percent of people share my personality type. In this post, I share some of what makes me tick.

How to Fit Alone Time into Your Schedule Now

A young and old lumberjack once had a competition to see who could chop down more trees. At the start of the day, the youth set out swinging his ax with great energy and vigor. The old man worked much more slowly.

As the day wore on, the youth kept swinging, without losing much momentum. But the old man had to stop every hour to take a break.

As the sun started setting, the competition drew to a close. And a judge began counting the number of trees each man had felled. After a short while, he announced the outcome: the old man had won. Shocked, the young man asked his elder how he’d done it.

The old lumberjack explained. “Each time I took a break, I sharpened my ax. Then, when I went back to work, my newly sharpened blade multiplied my efforts.”

As introverts, we’d do well to heed this lesson. If we want to have more energy and be more effective, we need to schedule regular breaks.

You know alone time energizes you and makes you a more productive introvert. Read this article to learn how to fit more of it into your schedule now!

Finish More Books While Saving Time and Money

Many introverts are book lovers and for good reason. Books usher us into the presence of experts. They transport us to exotic climes. And great ones change our lives.

Unfortunately, finding time to read is often difficult. Work, chores, family, friends, crises, and all kinds of distractions compete for our time and attention. No wonder a lot of people don’t read even one book each year.

If we want to keep learning from and enjoying books, we’ve got to think strategically  We’ve got to kill two birds with one stone. In short, we’ve got to think audiobooks.

Read on to learn four strategies you can use to enjoy more books than ever without sacrificing priorities, time, or money.

You don't have to sacrifice your priorities, time, or money to reach your reading goal this year. Check out four ways you can listen to audiobooks for free.

3 Reasons Why Every Introvert Needs a Mentor

Who’s helping you realize your dreams?

As an introvert, you’re made for mentoring. Yes, there is a host of tools, techniques, and resources to help you grow. But not one of them can do what a mentor can.

If it weren’t for my mentor, there’d be no The fact that you’re reading this line right now is a testament to the fact that mentoring is powerful.

And I would be doing you, my fellow introvert, a serious disservice if I didn’t try to persuade you that you need a mentor.

Please, take just a minute, and consider three reasons why.

Are you an introvert with dreams? Find out why you need a mentor and how he or she can help you reach your potential like nothing else can.

What’s Your Introvert’s Love Language?

Do you know your introvert’s love language? 

I only really started paying attention to my wife’s love language at the start of this year. She feels loved when I serve her. Gifts, kind words, and time with people close to her are all nice. But if I want to show her that she means a lot to me, I’ve got to do chores.

So, a couple weeks ago, I set a goal to complete 100 of them – without being asked – by the end of December 2017.

Do you know your introvert's love language? Find out how the little time you invest to figure it out can make a world of difference in your relationship.

3 Ways a Daily Journal Will Improve Your Life

I’ve journaled off and on since high school. Writing helps me work out my thoughts. It helps me relax and reflect.

This summer, I started journaling for focus. Each morning, I take three minutes to write out three things I’m thankful for. Then, I record three key tasks I want to accomplish during the day. And, last, I write an affirmation such as, “I’m a person who never gives up.”

At the end of each day, I write down three things I’ve accomplished. Then, I record something I would change if I could do the day over again.

Keeping a Five-Minute Journal has improved my productivity. It’s also helped me start and end each day with an attitude of gratitude.

No matter who you are, journaling will benefit you – especially if you’re an introvert.

Check out three ways journaling will help you.

Journaling will make your life better - especially if you're an introvert. Check out three ways keeping a daily journal will improve your life.