3 Ways a Daily Journal Will Improve Your Life

I’ve journaled off and on since high school. Writing helps me work out my thoughts. It helps me relax and reflect.

This summer, I started journaling for focus. Each morning, I take three minutes to write out three things I’m thankful for. Then, I record three key tasks I want to accomplish during the day. And, last, I write an affirmation such as, “I’m a person who never gives up.”

At the end of each day, I write down three things I’ve accomplished. Then, I record something I would change if I could do the day over again.

Keeping a Five-Minute Journal has improved my productivity. It’s also helped me start and end each day with an attitude of gratitude.

No matter who you are, journaling will benefit you – especially if you’re an introvert.

Check out three ways journaling will help you.

Journaling will make your life better - especially if you're an introvert. Check out three ways keeping a daily journal will improve your life.

Introspection… Is It Hurting You?

Introverts are thinkers. We like to replay the past, mull it over, and ask, Why? We’re built for introspection.

And while a careful analysis of any event can be productive, it can also be counterproductive. Allow me to illustrate with a story.

Earlier this week, I said I was going to get to work early. I told a coworker I’d be there to help with parking for a special event. But I showed up late.

Then, before school started (I’m a teacher), I got more bad news. I’d forgotten to create some assignments I told a colleague I’d make. So he did the work himself.

While he didn’t make a big deal about it, I still felt awful.

I started replaying the morning’s events in my head, over and over, beating myself up.

Needless to say, getting my thoughts back on track was a struggle. I spent a good hour trying to shift into a more productive state of mind. And even when I did start thinking positively, it took the rest of the day to actually come around.

Does this sort of thing ever happen to you?

If you ever have a hard time shaking a funk, check out these six suggestions.

Introverts are great thinkers. But sometimes their thoughts go south. Find out how to reroute your introspection when it takes a wrong turn. introspection quotes, introspection questions, introspection wisdom

Do You Know Your Introvert Strengths?

Do you know your introvert strengths?

Chances are good that you’ve spent more time thinking about your weaknesses than your strengths. As an introvert living in an extrovert’s world, you may have heard people say:

  • “You should speak up more.”
  • “Get out more.”
  • “Why are you so standoffish?”

And you may even be adding to the negativity.

Do you compare yourself to others? Are you your own worst critic?

Introverts are introspective, reflective people. Their tendency to think can leave them vulnerable to negative thoughts. They may dwell on the past, mistakes they’ve made, or ways they don’t measure up to other people.

But that kind of thinking benefits no one.

We all need an honest assessment of our strengths and abilities. And introverts like you have several wonderful gifts.

Here’s a proven way to discover yours.

Do you know your introvert strengths? Don't let anyone - even yourself - lead you to believe you're less valuable. Find out what you do better than anyone! introvert strengths truths, introvert strengths personality types, introvert strengths people, introvert strengths infj, introvert strengths intj, introvert strengths infp, introvert strengths words, introvert strengths life, introvert strengths thoughts, introvert strengths quotes

How to Get More Energy for Social Situations

Do you remember the scene from The Princess Bride where Westley outsmarts Vizzini? Westley is the hero of the story, and Vizzini is the criminal genius. Westley challenges Vizzini to a mental chess match.

He will pour two glasses of wine and add a tasteless, odorless poison called iocane to one of them. While he does so, Vizzini may not watch. But Westley promises to drink whatever glass Vizzini does not choose for himself.

When the match begins, Vizzini is certain he will win. But Westley gets the better of him in the end.


He puts poison in both glasses.

Right before Vizzini keels over, Westley tells him his secret. He’s spent the last several years developing an immunity to iocane powder – just in case he needed it.

Thus, he attributes his success to a gradual process. He consumed tiny bits of the poison at first. And he ever so slowly upped the dosage until he was immune to it.

Harnessing the power of a gradual process can help you too. Read on to find out how it can help you get more energy for social situations.

How do you get more energy for social situations? Find out how a gradual approach to increasing your social interaction can boost your social energy. social energy truths, social energy student, social energy for kids, social energy people

How to Stay in Touch with Friends as an Introvert

How do you stay in touch with friends as an introvert?

Most of the time, I prefer staying home to going out. I love alone time. And, if you’re an introvert, I’d hazard a guess that you love your downtime too.

It’s hard to beat peace and quiet. Every introvert needs both to recharge.

There’s just one problem with being alone all the time. You can’t do it AND have friends. Friendships, like all relationships, take time and energy.

And all introverts do need friends. So there’s a tension to be managed here.

We need to stay sufficiently connected while ensuring we have adequate downtime.

So how do you do that? Check out my simple system.

Would you like to stay in touch with friends as an introvert? It doesn't have to be hard! Read on to learn my proven system. stay in touch with friends quotes, stay in touch with friends families, stay in touch with friends life, stay in touch with friends truths, stay in touch with friends people, stay in touch with friends long distance, stay in touch with friends heart, stay in touch with friends social media

How to Make Friends as an Adult

How do you make friends as an adult?

Sure, when you’re kids, it’s pretty straight forward. While you’re stuck in a class of twenty all day, you eventually hit it off with a few other people. Or maybe you connect with other people on the sports field, at church, or at your weekend job.

But what if you’re an adult? Does the “friends game” change when you get older?

Not as much as you’d think.

Here are seven suggestions to help you make friends as an adult.

How do you make friends as an adult? Life changes when you get older. How do you connect with others? Check out this article to learn 7 proven strategies.

Why Networking Is the BEST Way to Land a Job

Job fairs are so overrated! I went to one after college, and it didn’t help me one bit. But my network helped me land a job which I still have.

Now, if you found your first job – or any job for that matter – through a job fair, I’m not dissing you. I’m just saying that networking has served me far better than any job fair ever has. And I believe a great network will do the same for you.

That’s because personal connections get things done.

land a job

17 Ways to Boost Your Confidence with People

Question: What’s one thing makes all the difference in your interactions with people?

If you have it, people usually enjoy being around you. But when you lack it, they often pass you by.

Answer: Confidence.

Do you ever wish you had more confidence when it comes to meeting and connecting with other people?

Do you ever beat yourself up for coming across as awkward?

Ever spend half an hour replaying a conversation in your head – that happened a couple days ago – you wish you could redo?

I have.

If you’d like to be a more confident person when it comes to meeting and talking with other people, how do you change?

Good news: There’s no long, painstaking process. And you can start adding to your confidence – even multiplying it – TODAY.

Right here.

Right now.


3 Pain-Free Ways to Expand Your Social Circle

“What’s the least-awkward way to expand your social circle?”

Have you ever asked yourself that question? As introverts, we have a tendency to spend more time by ourselves than with others.

And we’re generally okay with that.

I know a few people who have one or two friends. And that’s all they need.

But whether or not you’re okay with a few friends, there WILL come a time when you need a network.

What will you do, for instance, when you need…

  1. Help finding a job?
  2. Expert advice?
  3. Mentoring?
  4. A spouse?
  5. A business partner?
  6. New friends?
  7. Feedback on your ideas?
  8. Encouragement and support?

The best time to expand your social circle and network is NOWbefore you need it.

But just the thought of meeting lots of new people can make an introvert sick to his stomach. Awkward conversations and small talk, anyone?

“No, Thank You!”

Fortunately, meeting new people and expanding your social circle doesn’t have to be so bad. You can do it from a point of strength and maybe even enjoy the process.

It’s all a matter of HOW you go about it.

expand your social circle