4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Energy for Introverts

My fellow introvert, is there actually a way for YOU to boost your energy?


If you ever…

  • Drag yourself inside the door after work…
  • Put up with lightheadedness after spending too much time in a loud or noisy environment…
  • Lock yourself away in your room for a couple hours (or days or weeks) just to resuscitate…
  • Wish you had more time to yourself to think without interruption…

And if you know what it’s like to feel…

  • Burned out…
  • Fried…
  • Depleted…
  • Spent…
  • Exhausted…

Then, you know the struggle of having to guard your energy. It’s one EVERY introvert faces. Being introverted means you need time to yourself to recharge. 

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Understand that important principle and YOU CAN boost your energy! You just need to make some very doable adjustments to get your lifestyle working with your energy.

Consider four simple – yet profound – ways to boost your energy!

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Want to know how to boost your energy if you're an introvert?! Check out this post to learn 4 proven ways any quiet person can increase her energy.

Let’s begin with a quick win!

1. Make a STOP DOING list.

One of the best ways to boost your energy and prevent exhaustion is to decide what you…

  • ARE Going to do
  • ARE NOT going to do

Jim Collins says, “Stop doing” lists are more important than”to do” lists.”

As an introvert, you just can’t do everything, even if society tells you that you should. You can’t…

  • Put in overtime at work
  • Be part of the yoga club or intramural sports team
  • Sit on the school board
  • Shuttle your kids to every sports event and dance club
  • Date or invest in your relationship with your spouse
  • Volunteer at church
  • Organize the neighborhood garage sale
  • Go to all your friends’ parties
  • AND… You get the point.

Overcommitment is a one-way street to exhaustion!

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Start to save energy and prevent exhaustion right now by identifying your priorities:

  • What do you REALLY want to invest in?
  • What things matter MOST?

Also, think about…

  • What you can back out of…
  • What you can decline…

Grab a napkin, pick up a scrap piece of paper, or open a document. Then, make a T-Chart. On one side, write “KEEP DOING” and on the other write “STOP DOING”.

Sort your activities and commitments accordingly, and understand that you’ll probably have to give up good things for better ones.

Once you’ve identified what you need to stop doing, get in touch with the people who can set you free. Tell them you need to cut back to focus on what’s most important.

Don’t despair if you’re not able to get out of all the fluff right away. You can start the ball rolling. The more insignificant activities you can escape now, the better.

Ready to get even more energy back?!

2. Schedule DOWNTIME.

Let’s get honest. Do you PLAN DOWNTIME into your schedule each…

  • Day?
  • Week?
  • Month?
  • Year?

Probably not. But you can start right now!

How much would your life improve if you knew…

  • You’d have quiet time to yourself each morning, afternoon, or evening?
  • You’d be able to get away for several hours, half a day, or a whole day each weekend?
  • You’d have a day of quiet each month?
  • You’d have a week of uninterrupted solace each year?

Planning downtime is one of the best ways to boost your energy. Build rest into your crazy life by telling your calendar what to do.

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Tell it – and everybody else – that you have plans, when they ask you if you’re free. You don’t have to tell them that your plans are to be alone! Just tell them that you have plans. That’s all.

So Stop. Right. NOW.

Look at your calendar, and schedule some quiet alone time…

  • Today…
  • This week…

And if you’re feeling ambitious, plan it into your month and year too!

Want to boost your energy even more?

3. Request focus time.

A lot of introverts feel drained because they’re doing too many extroverted assignments. They’re…

  • Managing people…
  • Attending meetings…
  • Talking on the phone…
  • Giving reports…
  • Frenetically jumping from task to task…

While you can do all of those things as well as any extrovert (and you’re going to have to do some of them…), they’ll never give you energy!

Work that energizes you gives you time to think and focus without interruptions.

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As an introvert, you have the unique ability to zero in on an assignment and focus like gangbusters! That’s why introverts make tremendous…

  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Inventors
  • Scientists
  • Programmers
  • Accountants
  • (Insert job that requires attention to detail and focus…)

All of these occupations require laser focus taken to a new level. Are you, then, employing your chief strengths on the job?

Does your work afford you that kind of focus?

If not, it’s time to get it through one of two ways. Let’s take a look at both, in turn.

Option A: Ask for it!

This is the ideal solution: You ask your boss or supervisor to…

  • Allow you to telecommute or work remotely certain days of the week…
  • Move you to a closed office (or permit you to move to a quiet space) for all or part of the day…
  • Grant you, as Cal Newport recommends, quiet hours in the morning and afternoon, when no one can interrupt you…

If your higher up agrees, you’re on your way!

Option B: Make it happen!

If your boss – or work situation – won’t cooperate, you’re not out of luck. Try one these options instead:

  • Come in early…
  • Stay late…
  • Wear headphones or earplugs…

Then, show the person in charge of you the quality work you were able to churn out when you had the quiet focus space you needed. See if she doesn’t just grant your request for more uninterrupted time!

It’s truly amazing how working to your strengths can boost your energy!

Now, to sleigh one more dragon…

4. Promote your work!

People’s encouragement gives you energy, whether you realize it or not. Another one of the challenges of being an introvert is getting people to notice your work – especially when you HATE self-promotion.

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Many people will fail to notice your contributions if you continue to say nothing.

It doesn’t matter how much you’d prefer for everyone to see your work without you having to point it out. The sad truth is that’s NOT how the world works. You have to make a little noise.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a showboat or pat yourself on the back to help people recognize your efforts.

Just try this:

The next time you complete a project or assignment – or do anything that you’re proud of – tell someone…

  1. What you enjoyed most about the work and why…
  2. How you hope your efforts will benefit the company…

Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through in a non-braggy way. The focus will be on the company and the betterment of your team. But DO SHARE what you do. Otherwise, some of your coworkers won’t realize how you’re helping them, and they won’t ask you to do more of what you love and are best at. 

And that’s the goal of this: For your team to realize what you do well and ask you to do more of it. Your promotional efforts will help others understand and appreciate what you’re contributing.

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As a side note, try especially hard to share with your extroverted coworkers. They’re natural promoters who’ll do a great job helping you spread the word. Telling them will be like shouting into a megaphone. After you’ve shared with them, soon everyone will know what you’ve been up to.


YOU CAN boost your energy by applying these tactics – BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT ON THEM! I encourage you to choose at least one and put it into practice. You’ll be glad you did!

What helps you boost your energy? Add to the discussion in the comments!

Want to Boost Your Energy?! Download the free checklist: Boost Your Energy for Introverts!

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  • Cory Peppler

    Great, practical steps, Bo! I especially love the encouragement to ask for quiet time.

    I was just to the point of asking my supervisor to telecommute one day each week (which is going to be a hard sell anyway. I’m now a non-classroom educator, and in education “we just don’t do that,” as you’d know.) But now I have another compelling rationale for doing it: to capitalize on my introvert qualities and maximize my energy toward tasks and projects while working from home.) Good stuff!

    • Bo Miller

      Cory, that’s awesome! I hope your supervisor grants your request. I know both of you would benefit. I’d like to see the education world recognize the value of telecommuting as much as other industries have. Thanks for sharing!