4 Skills Every INFJ Should Develop

What can you do better than anyone else, fellow INFJ? That’s an important question to ask when you’re thinking about…

  • Careers
  • Life stewardship
  • Impact
  • Return on investment
  • Life enjoyment

Every personality type is especially good at a particular set of skills, and it’s wise to spend some time figuring out what those particular skills are for you.

In a recent podcast episode, a guest mentioned 4 skills that NF personality types (which include the INFJ) do better than anyone else. He was spot on, in my opinion. And while this isn’t an all-inclusive list for the INFJ, you should consider investing considerable time developing these particular abilities.

What particular skills and abilities can you do better than any other personality type, fellow INFJ? That's an important question to ask when you're thinking about how to invest your time. Read this post to learn 4 skills you should seriously consider developing.

Before we take a look at the 4 skills, it’s helpful to know what NF types – ENFJs, ENFPs, INFPs, and INFJs – do better than other types. Specifically, they excel at helping people grow and develop. They are healers and helpers with a vision for the good of others. As intuitives, they inspire and captivate with both the written and spoken word. They also tend to be deep thinkers.

The particular way NF types approach and perform the following skills depends on their unique personality makeup. Let’s take a look at the way the INFJ employs the following skills as well as why they come naturally to you.

1. Public speaking

It’s sometimes argued that ENFPs and ENFJs make the best public speakers, seeing as they are extroverts. But introverts, including INFJs, make great public speakers too. We long to make an impact and help a tremendous number of people. You’ll find few better ways to do just that than public speaking.

Another benefit and draw for INFJs is that you get an opportunity to exercise your expertise and deep understanding in the service of others without having to worry about being interrupted. I don’t know about you, but I find few times when I can talk at length about one of my passions. To start, most people aren’t interested in what I have to share with them, and, even if they were, a monologue isn’t the best format for a face-to-face conversation.

But sharing what I’m learning and what I’ve spent a lot of time researching is still something I love to do. Public speaking makes it possible for you and me.

Michael Hyatt and Michael Hudson are both well-known INFJs who speak publicly on a regular basis. In fact, Michael Hudson was kind enough to share a premier public speaking course with us for free! If you’re interested in developing your speaking ability, you should definitely check it out while it’s still around.

2. Teaching

Public speaking isn’t the only way INFJs love to help others grow. We enjoy teaching too – especially at higher levels.

Granted, we tend to do best when we can explain theories, big picture research, or some other kind of creative or original skill with others, especially since introverted intuition (Ni) is such an important part of our personality. But, in general, if we have the chance to use what we’ve learned to help others understand the world – and themselves – better, we take it.

One great thing about teaching is that you can do it well as an introvert. A class of 20, 30, or more isn’t overwhelming when you develop relationships with and see them on a regular basis. And teaching even a small group is still teaching.

I should also add that you don’t have to be in the presence of others to teach them. In our world today, you can create a course and share it with others so that they can learn from you, even when you’re not with them. What a fantastic opportunity for INFJs like you and me! I’m enjoying creating courses like INFJ 101 and Made for This! to share what I’m learning about life as an INFJ with you.

3. Writing

Many of us struggle to find words for our ideas when we’re talking with others. (Does anyone else spend hours in introspection, overanalyzing what you said and what others thought about it?!) We know we have good things to say, but the big Ni ideas in our heads often get lost in translation. That’s one reason writing is such a great way to harness your knowledge and life experience in order to help others change and grow.

A pad and pen or computer and plenty of time to organize your insights systematically and logically via your introverted thinking (Ti) is the way to go. Extended periods of quiet tend to be what we need when focusing, and most writing projects afford us this kind of think time.

Working independently in a quiet place organizing ideas to help others – that might be a good synopsis of the INFJ dream job. And that’s exactly what you get when you’re writing.

If you’d like to start writing and helping others via your words, you don’t have to secure a book contract. Anyone can start a blog. It’s a great way to hone your skills and determine what you want to write about. And even if you do want a real book contract, blogging on a regular basis is the best way to realize that goal.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog but need help…

  • figuring out what to write about
  • setting up a website
  • finding time to write
  • overcoming tech challenges

I would highly recommend Blogging Your Passion University 101 from BloggingYourPassion.com. It’s what I personally used to launch this blog. I’m a big fan and excited to be an affiliate.

4. Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling

Finally, mentoring, coaching, and counseling may just be the INFJ sweet spot. No other personality type spends so much time digging into the human psyche trying to better understand themselves and others. Usually, we don’t do it to manipulate or take advantage. We’re just desperately curious and want to use our knowledge, again, to help others grow and change.

Mentoring, coaching, and counseling give an INFJ the opportunity to work with an individual, couple, or small group too. You get to make connections and discern what others are wrestling with using your fast-acting Ni and do it in a deep, quiet environment.

There’s a reason friends, family members, and people you don’t even know come to you for advice and counsel. Don’t take your skills and abilities for granted.

Combining Skills

In the end, we’re people with a variety of interests, and you should consider using all of these skills on a regular basis. That is why I’m doing what I do today: It’s hard to get bored when you have your hands in so many different worlds.

At the same time, these skills overlap and interlace with one another, so you can’t go wrong working on all of them. Still, if one, in particular, fits your fancy, focus on it and hone it!

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