How to Stay in Touch with Friends as an Introvert

(Show Notes)

How do you stay in touch with friends as an introvert?

As an introvert, you probably prefer staying home to going out and love alone time. After all, it’s hard to beat peace and quiet: Every introvert needs both to recharge.

There’s just one problem with being alone all the time. You can’t do it AND have friends. Friendships, like all relationships, take time and energy.

And all introverts do need friends. So there’s a tension to be managed here.

We need to stay sufficiently connected while ensuring we have adequate downtime.

So how do you do that? In today’s show, I share my simple 5-part system. (If you want to read the post version of the podcast, CLICK HERE.)
Want to stay in touch with friends as an introvert? I've developed a simple system that can help you do a better job keeping up. Check it out!


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